The Word Of God Is As,"Sweet As Honey"

The Word Of God Is As,”Sweet As Honey”

The Word of God is ,”Sweet as Honey”. Some might not understand why I had been called to preach. When I had been born in the world, I had been blessed. Jerry, my parents and Sandra Howard needed my 2 brothers and they had me. If you ask my mother I had been assumed to be a woman however, I suppose I’m not the individual that always pleases everybody because she had a boy. My parents, because of their salvation, I have adored the Lord as much as I know today they do. They inquire exactly what they can do for God and moved into their pastor.

them hungry for even more support for your truc tiep k+ Lord. They informed that the warrior in a couple of months that they wanted to do much more, the leader told them concerning Bible faculty and they flew about it and chose the warrior’s advice. They even made their way into Baptist Bible College. With three boys, from ages 3-7, we as a household when to Springfield to get Bible College. I can not say exactly happened but I do understand that God allows Satan to had a field day with us nearly like Job. My mother had injury right when we got there that necessitated surgery and my father worked while visiting the Baptist Bible College.

I can only imagine trying to remain awake from the classes. They were times because of my parents, so I can picture that they felt as though God had placed in their plate than ever. They stopped going to Bible college and they all moved back into Dallas, Texas. My father got a job as a welder in Gardner Denver, while in Dallas. We went to some church at Mesquite, Texas, a suburb of Dallas. We went to college during my kindergarten year. I had made a confession that I had been saved by God, although, those were just words. Until then I understood God was loved by my family first.